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New Mexico Vacation Countdown 2018

We are in the count down to the last three days before our annual Albuquerque, New Mexico vacation. It’s arguably one of our favorite times of the year. My husband has quite a bit of family there and he’s been making this trip every year since he was about three or four years old. I began visiting when we got engaged in 2012 and it’s been one of my favorite places ever since.

I’m about to make a confession. It may alienate some of you but I’m willing to take that chance in order to be my true, authentic self around all of you. Here goes…

I like the mountains better than the beach.

If I’m given a choice between a hiking trip in the mountains and a trip to the beach I’m going to choose the mountains almost every time. Like 99% of the time.

Pic1_NM Vacation 2018

It doesn’t mean that I don’t like the beach, because I do. But there is something so awe inspiring and majestic about the mountains. I’ve always been that person who’s up for “adventure”.

Hiking trips have always filled the adventure seeking part of me. There is ususally something new and sometimes dangerous to see. It drives my husband crazy that I like to go as close as I can to the edge of steep drop offs and canyons.

Pic2_NM Vacation 2018

I enjoy the wildlife, views and vegetation. I especially like taking pictures during our little adventures. It can really irritate the seasoned hiker to have a photographer tag along – it usually slows the trip down. Because of that I try to limit the picture taking a bit, but that can be SO hard sometimes…

Pic3_NM Vacation 2018

Now that we are only three days away from departure I need to start thinking about how I’m going to eat on vacation. Will I stick strictly to protocol and have one joy eat this week as I do in my normal life? Will I continue to intermittent fast as I usually do? Or will I make vacation an “exception” and eat flour and sugar daily?

To be honest, I haven’t decided yet. However, looking back at old pictures of vacations past has been a really big visual reminder of how far I’ve come in my goal toward my ideal weight. It’s a big motivator to do my best not to “undo” all of progress.

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