Weight Loss

The Next Stage of Weight Loss

You know the saying, “There is a time and a place for everything?” Well that’s what I think about my approximately 10 years with Weight Watchers.

The programs were great for me – they met me where I was. There was no special food to eat and no food was “off limits”. I could eat whatever I wanted as long as I had the points to do it. Psychologically that’s what I need.

And when I said programs, I did mean that – I was on Weight Watchers for the span of three programs (at least). When I started, we just tracked Points… we tracked fruit, veggies, cheese… Everything.


Everything had a Point value. Then a few years into the program they changed the program to Points Plus. Fruit and veggies no longer had a point value, so that was exciting. But the guidance was not to eat too much fruit or to just experiment and see how much fruit was too much. Then WW made the switch to the Smart Points program. This program also encourages you to eat more fruit and veggies to bulk up your meals and gave greater emphasis to protein than the previous two programs.

Since I’ve said goodbye to Weight Watchers they have switched the program up again. It’s called Freestyle now. Not sure what the shift in thinking is on this new one. I think they may be going with more emphasis toward a separate program that they’ve kept right along with the other three described above. It’s sort of a “secret” program – one they don’t really talk about. You have to hunt (seriously hunt) for information on the Weight Watchers website to find anything about. It is (or was) called Simply Filling.

Simply Filling is pretty much what I’m doing now except more fat. I eat WAY more healthy fat that I ever did on Weight Watchers. Oh, and I am doing a lot more work on my thoughts about food. I’m working on paying attention to why I crave sugar so often and dealing with all of the thoughts about wanting the sugar.


Simply filling focused on foods that are unprocessed or have very little processing involved. No sugar and very little flour. It was a good plan and I did have success with it, but I was always making excuses for why I should be able to eat certain things, breaking the “rules” and basically, I white knuckled my way the whole time I did Simply Filling.

And there my friends, is the big difference between Weight Watchers and working with a weight or life coach – thought work. I can talk myself into eating anything. Anything!

I decided that I’d never see lasting weight loss if I didn’t permanently change the way I was eating and the way I thought about food.

Food as fuel for my body, not entertainment.

This doesn’t mean that what I eat doesn’t taste good. Because it does. Adding fat to my meals has definitely made them taste awesome. I just don’t want food to be the focus of my day anymore. I don’t want to plan my life around when my next meal is.

Life is about more than just food.

I am 4 weeks into this new program. I’ve lost about 4 pounds and I’m loving it so far. My craving for sugar has decreased and hunger is no longer a big emergency. No more “hangry” Miranda. And when I do have a craving I just process it and allow myself to want a sugary thing or a food with lots of flour. The craving will not kill you. You do not have to give in. But I’ve adopted a sort of mantra: “I can do hard things”.

And it does get much easier. The more you say no to sugar the easier it gets.

Whether you’re just starting out or you are a veteran in the weight loss world, I’d love to hear about your story. Drop it in the comments section below.

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