• Journaling

    November 25, 2018mruckstuhl

    I created a protocol a couple of weeks ago to follow and I think it’s a good one. Though I will admit that one thing on my protocol has been slipping through the cracks lately.. I’ve promised myself that I will keep a food journal and plan the next days meals as well. It’s not…

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  • I Had a “Little Quit” Today

    November 18, 2018mruckstuhl

    The first time I heard this term “little quit” I thought it was silly. I mean you either quit or you don’t. But after thinking and hearing more about this “little quit” thing, the more I’m convinced that all of the little quits are what kept me stuck at an unhealthy weight for far too…

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  • Breaking Routines

    November 11, 2018mruckstuhl

    Last Spring I decided that I was wasting too much of my time waiting to do things because I “don’t have enough time” or “it might rain” or some other excuse to procrastinate doing something that I really do want to do. Please tell me I’m not alone in this… Anyway, one of our local…

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  • Fat is NOT Your Enemy

    November 4, 2018mruckstuhl

    In my last post I mentioned that I have been doing a lot of reading about insulin and how it affects your ability to lose weight. Here’s a little disclaimer: I am not a doctor, scientist or other health professional and I don’t play one on tv either. I’m just here to share some of…

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