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I Had a “Little Quit” Today

The first time I heard this term “little quit” I thought it was silly.

I mean you either quit or you don’t. But after thinking and hearing more about this “little quit” thing, the more I’m convinced that all of the little quits are what kept me stuck at an unhealthy weight for far too long.

I’m talking about YEARS of quitting just a little. Making small decisions to go off of my plan.

So, what did I do tonight, after being taught once again today about little quits…. I quit. Just a little. I had a meal that was mostly on my protocol. I ate a store-bought cauliflower pizza crust that contained some flour. I had two pieces but obviously I’m going to be tempted to finish the rest of the pizza later this week.


Photo by Nicolás Perondi on Unsplash

I have a “joy eat” planned for Saturday – a piece of my daughter’s chocolate birthday cake. The pizza was not supposed to be the joy food. It was delicious, but it is made out of cauliflower…

The important question here is: What did I tell myself to get to the action of eating off of protocol?

  • “It only has one gram of sugar per slice, I’m sure there isn’t much flour. After all, cauliflower is the first ingredient.”
  • “You’ve done so well, 6 weeks without flour or sugar is awesome. You deserve this treat.”
  • “You planned to cook this before you remembered about the flour in the crust, now you won’t have anything else to eat if you don’t eat the pizza.” (Not the case.)
  • “The rest of the family is having pizza, I should be able to have pizza too.”

There were other thoughts but basically, when I remembered that there was flour in the crust, I should have reconsidered my plan to eat the pizza.

I consider this a quit with a little “q”. Though I don’t want to repeat it, I also don’t think it’s helpful to beat myself up over it. I am trying to just be curious as to what thoughts led me to the action (eating off of protocol) so that I can be aware that those thoughts do not serve me. They don’t get me to the end goal of being at my ideal weight.

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