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I created a protocol a couple of weeks ago to follow and I think it’s a good one. Though I will admit that one thing on my protocol has been slipping through the cracks lately..

I’ve promised myself that I will keep a food journal and plan the next days meals as well. It’s not that hard, but just I don’t do. I find all kinds of excuses to skip out on journaling. I have struggled with this since my Weight Watchers days and back then it was a lot harder. I had to weigh or measure everything I ate as well as calculate the points value of each item or find it on a list in the Weight Watchers books or database. It was a real pain.

Journal with Rose Gold Pen

Now a days my journal does not even need to be all that detailed. Basically, I have committed to write down what I ate and at what time. I also try to add how hungry I felt when I started eating and how hungry (or satisfied/full) I felt when I stopped, based on the hunger scale. (I will describe the hunger scale as it was taught to me in a future post.)

I don’t even have to weigh or measure what I ate. And yet.. I still don’t always keep up with my food journal.

I know that journaling would help me but I am resisting it. Here are the thoughts that lead me to walk out on my commitment to myself:

“I’ll do it later.”

Except that I don’t

“It’s not that big of a deal.”

It is a big deal – see post on little quits. Also, if I don’t know what I ate I can’t use that data to see what I’m doing right or wrong.

“I’ll catch up on it tomorrow.”

Usually the next day I have a hard time remembering exactly what I ate and often leave something out.

“I’ll just plan my meals in my head. I’ll remember what I committed to.”

It’s not the same, there is something special about writing down what you have committed to.

I decided that I’m going to add a reminder in my phone about journaling after each meal. I am also going to work on replacing the negative thoughts about journaling that come up with new ones that will serve me and help me to reach my goal. Here are the ones I’m going to try on this week:

“It will only take a minute or two.”

“It will be great not to worry about trying to catch up on this later.”

“This will really help me going forward to see what works and what doesn’t.”

“It might be fun to look back on this next week.”

“This is a commitment I made to myself. I am important to me – I need to keep this commitment.”

I am also working on finding a pretty new journal to keep everything in. I think that will make the process more fun as well.

What thoughts would help you stick to journaling, if you chose to use that tool as part of your protocol?

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