Tiramisu Has Healthy Fats

You and I both know that the world is full of temptations. In money, relationships, but especially in weight loss.

We had a lot of social events this week and I had a lot of stressors at work. I have a long history as a stress/emotional eater. I didn’t manage my thoughts well and the first day that I gave in to temptation turned into an excuse to cave the next day, and then the next. It started with stress at work and then the following day’s events brought another excuse.

So, with all of that said, I’m sure that it’s no surprise that I have ended my first week working toward my goal +.4 from where I started at 142.4 this morning. It could have been a lot worse of course, but I don’t think that’s a good thought to use again and again. “Tiramisu has healthy fats” is not a useful thought either…

The first lesson that I have learned from this is that I need to first try to write down my thoughts before I eat my feelings. So that’s step one – just seeing my thoughts and allowing myself to feel my feelings. I don’t know what the specific feelings were that I was trying to avoid because I went back to old habits instead… I just ate, and not good healthy things either.

Photo by Kate on Unsplash

Next step is to truly evaluate whether or not I am in Ketosis and to test my fasting glucose levels. I don’t have to guess my weight, why should I guess if I’m in Ketosis? So I ordered a glucose and ketone monitor. This morning. Enough guessing. It’s time to take action.

Tell me how you are taking action this week toward your goals.

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