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Empowered By A Glucose & Ketone Monitor

A couple of weeks ago I ordered a glucose and ketone monitor. It’s one little machine that tests both ketones and glucose in your blood. It felt like it took forever to arrive, but it was really only a couple of days to process the order and then a couple for shipping.

The monitor had arrived by January 25th but it took a couple of days to work up the courage to try it out. First I was afraid of doing it wrong and if I did something wrong the readings wouldn’t be right, I would waste strips (not cheap) or lots of other “scary” thoughts. I was allowing my mind to keep me in “overwhelm”. I even thought that I needed a testing solution, which I have decided was unnecessary, at least to start out. My brain kept offering these thoughts to me until I finally said ENOUGH! I decided to try on the thought, “diabetics all over the world do this everyday, if the masses can do it, so can I”.

On Sunday, January 27th I finally put the monitor manual away and jumped in. I’m so glad I finally know my status of Ketosis! It is so liberating. Here are my stats for the last week or so:

1.27.198:00 AM860.6139
1.28.197:30 AM800.5139.4
1.29.195:20 AM960.6137.4
1.30.195:20 AM860.3137.8
1.30.1911:54 AM831.0N/A
1.31.195:37 AM800.6137.2

Most of these numbers were taken in the fasted state. What’s interesting is that it’s possible that I am in a deeper state of Ketosis later on in the day. Do you see the one day where I got to 1.0 Ketones? That reading came around lunch time when I hadn’t eaten yet.

Now I’m a little obsessed with taking my readings. I’m going to try a few more noon, and possibly even night time readings to see if these results remain consistent. It’s SO motivating to me to see that I’m in a Ketogenic state. For those of you that don’t know, a Ketogenic state is typically defined by a ketone reading of .5 or higher.

The outlier here was at 5am on 1.30.19. I know exactly what happened the day before to cause this and that’s the beauty of this whole thing, I can see what effect a slip in my protocol had on my body’s handling of the food. The night before this .3 ketone reading, my husband and I had gone out to dinner with friends. Apparently I had a few too many off plan treats and drinks. But, now I know what happens when I make a choice to eat off plan.

This weekend I may experiment to just determine what happens with a little wine, no flour, sugar or other alcohol. Wine is currently on my protocol, I just don’t know if it affects my ability to lose weight – yet.

Anyway, as you can see I did lose some weight this week. This information has been pretty motivating. I’ve made more progress toward my ideal weight than I have since before Christmas. On top of all that, I’ve made progress in that 137.2 is the lowest that I’ve ever weighed as an adult. Yay!

Want to know my greatest fear about getting these readings that first day? I was afraid that my glucose would be high, that I would find out that I’m diabetic. I was afraid that even if it wasn’t, that my ketone reading would be low, like not in Ketosis low. I let a lot of these fearful thoughts run around my head for months.

I hope this information will help others find the courage to do some of their own self experiments. Knowledge really is power. Good luck this week. I’ll be posting another update next week.

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