• Relaxing A Little

    March 31, 2019mruckstuhl

    Two weekends ago my husband and I went away (without our daughter) for a retreat with friends. It was the perfect weather to have a fire in the evenings. During the day on Saturday we cuddled up to watch videos and share ideas on how to build better marriages for ourselves and our spouses. We…

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  • Another Lent Is Upon Us

    March 9, 2019mruckstuhl

    On Tuesday, Mardi Gras day, I sat and wondered what I would give up for Lent this year. Often I like to make my Lenten penances somewhat of a self-improvement thing. To sort of knock out two birds with one stone – I become a better person in some way that I know I need…

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  • Too Much Sugar

    March 3, 2019mruckstuhl

    We feed our children too much sugar. I think we probably all know that as a society, we consume too much of it. Even if you don’t consider all of the ways that it’s secretly hiding in our food. Too much. I’ve always been wary of how much sugary drinks and candies my daughter Lena…

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