• You Need a New Thought

    August 25, 2019mruckstuhl

    I woke up this morning having gained another pound. I’m up to 148.0 as of this morning. That’s 9 pounds higher than my all time lowest weight of 139.0. While I was discouraged I’m not at all surprised. You see, I gave up a little last night. I had waffles (low carb), even though I…

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  • Is Your Sweet Tooth Sabotaging You?

    August 11, 2019mruckstuhl

    When you think about your health goals and what stands in your way of reaching them, do you every think… “If only I didn’t have such a sweet tooth?” I thought that too at one time. I didn’t think there was any way I could give up cookies, candy or ice cream. After all, WeightWatchers…

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  • Easy Snack Ideas for Raising Low Sugar Kids

    August 4, 2019mruckstuhl

    My daughter is four years old now and starting school this fall. Yay for Pre-K! That’s got me thinking a lot about her diet, since one of the changes in our routine is that I will be packing a small snack for her to have in the afternoon at school. I’ve always tried to keep…

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