A Little Cold

February 17, 2019Miranda

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For the last week or so I’ve had a little cold.

I knew that I might get one when my daughter was stuck home for several days. She ran a fever, then later developed a runny nose. Actually the cough was the first symptom. That’s unusual for her and me – usually the cough comes last and stays for a long time.

Well, my time came last week, around Friday or Saturday. I was prepared to lay low on Saturday. That didn’t end up happening though, I didn’t feel too poorly so I went about my day as I normally do. In fact, on Saturday I drove for an hour and a half to visit my sister, her new baby and the other children.

I guess I taxed my body too much, because the cold got worse. I didn’t feel all that bad though…. until last night at 3am when I woke up with a shooting pain in my ear, radiating into my jaw. I got up, took three Advil, and tried to relax into the pain in an effort to go back to sleep.

I couldn’t understand why, despite following my Ketogenic protocol fairly closely, I gained weight this week. But apparently that was partially due to my illness. Illness can affect weight loss and Ketosis.

I have remained in Ketosis for the majority of my illness, despite the temptations of Valentine’s Day this week. Ketone reading were fairly low, but my glucose levels never rose much. So now my focus is to keep up healthy eating habits, rest, drink lots of fluid and do my best to get better. The sooner I get well, the sooner I can get back to my goal for the year, reaching my ideal weight.

My husband was sweet to honor my wishes and not give me an chocolate as he used to do. Below is a picture of my gift, some beautiful Calla Lilies! Hopefully I can keep them alive, I don’t have a very good record with potted plants.

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