I Made IT! And Then I Blew It.

To be successful at any goal (big or small), we need to figure out what it will take to achieve it. Hard work of course, but what are the steps to get there? In my weight loss goal I have determined that staying below 20 grams of carbohydrates per day is what it takes. It’s quite simple. Not always easy though.

Since the guideline of 20 grams or fewer per day is so simple, why can’t I just do it, and do it faithfully?

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If you are anything like me, you tend to be short sighted. And I don’t mean that I just think I’m short sighted, I’ve been tested for it… I know, you’re probably thinking “Oh, you took some test on buzz feed and you think that it means you know.” But I legit took an aptitude test at a testing center in Houston. The results were so useful and affirming that it was worth the time and energy I spent on it. One thing I didn’t even know that they could or were testing was foresight. And boy did it feel like bad news when they told me how short sighted I am. However, I’ve made progress in the way that I cope with this weakness in my thought processes.

One of which is breaking down my big goals into smaller ones.

If you’ve been following my blog, you know that I set a goal of getting to my ideal weight of 119 pounds by the end of 2019. In order to reach this goal I first calculated if it was possible to lose about 24 pounds in a year. Now, in order to rewire my thinking, I’ve broken this big goal down into monthly goals. This helps me focus on something that seems quite a bit less overwhelming and “far away”.

So the big achievement of February 2019 was that I weighed 138 pounds on 2.28.19 (my goal was 139). So exciting!!

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The sad thing is that last weekend my husband and I went out of town with friends and I’ve gained all of that weight I lost this year back. I know a lot of it is just fluid retention, but somehow the ease of reaching that first goal produced a thought in my mind that certainly didn’t serve me this weekend…. “You lost the weight so easily last month, it won’t be a problem to lose it again, plus reach your March goal.” And another unhelpful thought “It’s just one weekend.”

Somehow it feels like I just gave up on myself. I know I will get back on track this week. My job now is to manage my thoughts about how this will affect my goal. My biggest challenge will be to observe and then change the thoughts that would have me beating myself up. We can’t hate ourselves to a healthy weight and a healthy body. I’m going to ask myself what kind of loving thing my body needs to release this extra weight. It’s a new kind of thought for me, trying to love myself into becoming the person I want to be.

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