Breaking Routines

November 11, 2018Miranda

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Last Spring I decided that I was wasting too much of my time waiting to do things because I “don’t have enough time” or “it might rain” or some other excuse to procrastinate doing something that I really do want to do.

Please tell me I’m not alone in this…

Anyway, one of our local “pick your own” fruit farms posted on Facebook that their blueberries were ready. My husband and I had been to this farm years ago, before our daughter was born, and had a great time. I knew that Lena would love the experience and enjoy eating the fruit that we picked ourselves.

We usually planned our Saturday mornings around Mommy and Me gymnastics at 9 and nap time that starts between 11:30am and 12pm. We go to gymnastics, then the grocery store, eat lunch and then nap. This is a routine that works well for us and which we typically do not deviate from.

Routines are good for children but sometimes it’s good to break from that neural pathway in our brain and mix things up.

Strawberry Picking at Daniel & Anna's Orchard

I don’t know why my brain fought this idea so much.. But, I decided to bring Lena to Daniel and Anna’s Orchard to pick our own blueberries and strawberries. I questioned the decision in so many ways:

  • “We won’t have much time before nap time. It probably won’t be enough time to pick anything.”
  • “It’s supposed to rain today. What if it rains?..”
  • “What if they don’t take a credit card and our drive out there will be wasted?” They don’t take cards, by the way, but they take checks so everything worked out.
  • “What if the berries are all gone and they don’t have any more ripe ones?”

Despite all of these excuses that my brain came up with to try and keep me from going, we did it and we had a fantastic time! My brain didn’t want me interrupting my routine to do something really fun that I knew Lena and I would both enjoy.Strawberry

Our brains like routine. Routine is familiar. Routine is predictable. Routine is safe.

My brain was right about the blueberries though. There weren’t enough blueberries to pick but there were plenty of strawberries. We didn’t want a ton since we weren’t planning to make jam, jelly or anything like that. Just enough to munch on.


I’m SO, SO happy that we decided to go. We got to see the chickens and ducks that the orchard owners keep. We got to walk over a bridge (Lena loves bridges). And as I’m tying this, I realize that I love them too – I guess that’s where she gets it from.

Ducks at Daniel & Anna's Orchard

I’m just starting to work on pushing myself out of my comfort zone, pushing myself to do things (with or without my husband or a friend).

I want to push my brain (and myself) into discomfort as much as possible.

That’s the only way to grow, push past the feeling of discomfort and try new things, meet new people, go to new places.

Anyone else working to break out of their comfort zone or just try something new?

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