• Easy Snack Ideas for Raising Low Sugar Kids

    August 4, 2019mruckstuhl

    My daughter is four years old now and starting school this fall. Yay for Pre-K! That’s got me thinking a lot about her diet, since one of the changes in our routine is that I will be packing a small snack for her to have in the afternoon at school. I’ve always tried to keep…

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  • Breaking Routines

    November 11, 2018mruckstuhl

    Last Spring I decided that I was wasting too much of my time waiting to do things because I “don’t have enough time” or “it might rain” or some other excuse to procrastinate doing something that I really do want to do. Please tell me I’m not alone in this… Anyway, one of our local…

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  • Three Reasons Why Not To Be Afraid Of Halloween

    October 28, 2018mruckstuhl

    As many parents do, in past years, I had a habit of eating any candy that my child doesn’t like. Conveniently for me, my daughter didn’t like any chocolate. Muuuhahahaaaa!!

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