You Need a New Thought

August 25, 2019Miranda

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I woke up this morning having gained another pound.

I’m up to 148.0 as of this morning. That’s 9 pounds higher than my all time lowest weight of 139.0.

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While I was discouraged I’m not at all surprised. You see, I gave up a little last night. I had waffles (low carb), even though I knew that I had far surpassed my daily carbohydrate limit for the day. I knew it, yet I still made a decision to eat more carbs.

I re-evaluated my process last night. Looking at what I’ve done well and what I’ve done not so well recently. And of course it’s the not so well that have taken me to the place I am now.

You may find this list familiar and helpful. I always find it helpful to acknowledge what I’m doing right, so I don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater..

  1. I track my food and carbs every day.
  2. I make good food choices, (mostly) sticking to my plan for that day.
  3. I weight myself everyday.
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Here’s were I think things have headed south:

  1. I track most of my carbs after the fact so I don’t know how much I’ve really had until the end of the day.
  2. I allow myself to go too far over the 20 carb per day limit I say I’m striving for.
    1. I’m not being truthful to myself, and it is a case of lack of self integrity when this happens.
    2. My priority becomes putting more carbs or any food in my mouth, rather than my goal. aka “Carb Sneak”.
  3. I give myself way to much leeway in my daily food plan. There really should be very little wiggle room. It’s uncomfortable, but weight loss is going to be uncomfortable if you’re doing it right.
  4. I have been resisting urges instead of allowing them.

I’ve got a lot to work on, but for now my plan is just to track my food and my carbs the day before. That way, if I want a treat that day, I have to plan for it. No more treats after every meal. If I have them all the time, they aren’t really a treat anymore.

But most importantly, having felt discouraged by thoughts after stepping on the scale, I think I need a new thought.

You may find this one will work well for you too:

“I will do what it takes to lose every pound.”

I. Am. Ready.

Will you join me in this thought? Are you ready to make this your time, this the time you are going to lose the weight?

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