How to Build Weight Loss Confidence

October 6, 2019Miranda

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Most of us struggle with confidence once in a while. An awkward situation occurs in public. Someone questions our abilities, etc. But how many of us recognize that we aren’t confident in our abilities to get to our goal weight and stay there?

I bet you suffer from lack of self confidence in this area. I know I did, and still sometimes do struggle with it.

And how hard is it to stay motivated when you feel like you can’t do it? When you think that even if you get to your goal weight, you won’t be able to stay there?

Those thoughts right there are dream killers.

Here are some I like a lot better, and some of them are questions for your brain to work on, they are:

  • Isn’t it possible that I could get to my goal weight?
  • Others have done it, so can I.
  • Getting to my goal weight could be a fun challenge.
  • I’ve done other hard things, I can do this too.
  • I’ve had the courage to start this journey, I have the courage to finish it.
Confidence – Photo by Church of the King on Unsplash

I hope these help keep you motivated this week. I believe in you and you should believe in you too!

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