How to Handle Questions About Keto

June 23, 2019Miranda

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As you start to lose weight and feel healthier with this new way of life, people will make comments about the changes they notice. Usually it’s just a compliment on how great you look. However, often the next thing they say is “what are you doing?” They want to know how they can lose weight too or help their loved ones reach their weight loss goals.

Since the Ketogenic diet has gained more popularity in the last few years, more people have at least heard of it when I respond with “Keto.” But still a great many don’t really know what it is or misunderstand the basis of the diet. So the next question might be something like:

  • Is that the high protein diet?
  • Is that the one where you eat a ton of butter?
  • That’s the low carb diet, right?

While some of those guesses are partially true, none of that is the complete picture. It really is more simple than most people think. Depending on who’s asking the question, I have a variety of answers:

  • It’s a high (healthy) fat, low carb diet. This answer typically kind of blows peoples’ minds.
  • It’s a low carb diet.
  • I just don’t eat flour, grains or sugar.
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Then, if any of those responses bring more questions, I really go to the heart of the diet with this explanation:

The Ketogenic Diet is a diet high in good, healthy fats, low in carbohydrates and encourages a moderate level of protein. My goal each day is to stay at 20 grams (or fewer) carbohydrates. I try to get the carbs from vegetables and fat from healthy sources – no vegetable oils. I love this way of eating because I can eat until I’m satisfied and I don’t get hungry two hours later. And it’s a very healthy way to live.

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I love to talk to people about their weight loss goals and especially love sharing about the Ketogenic diet. But not everyone is open. So my advice is to keep it simple, go with “it’s a low carb diet” answer until you get more feedback. Almost everyone has heard of low carb, so you aren’t likely to get a ton of negativity pushed your way with that. But when some people hear that you are eating a lot of fat, it’s really shocking to them. I’m at a point in this journey that I’ve seen so much positive in my mind, body and health from eating this way that a lay person on the street would have a hard time convincing me that it isn’t good for me. I have done a lot of research too. When you are first starting out though, it’s probably best not to share a whole lot about the diet, until you are comfortable defending it.

My defense of this diet comes from my own personal experience and from lots of doctors, nurses, medical researchers, scientists, etc who have given Keto their stamp of approval. I hope you’ll try out Keto if you haven’t yet. Send me a message if you have any questions about Keto, my journey or if I can help you get started on your own Keto journey.

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