I Don’t Make Resolutions.

January 13, 2019Miranda

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This may shock some of you, you may assume that I’m the kind of person that always sets a resolution at the beginning of each year, but I don’t. I’ve never like the cliche of a New Year’s resolution. But I do like setting goals.

This year I’ve decided to step out of my comfort zone, to stretch myself and set a big goal. It also feels like stretching to share this goal with all of you.

My goal for 2019 is to be at my ideal weight, which I have calculated to be 119 pounds. That is a loss of 22 pounds, since as of today I weight 141 pounds.

Recently, especially over Christmas and New Year holiday, I’ve had some ups and downs in my weight. Really it’s been more high than low. But honestly, I’m surprised that I didn’t gain more weight considering that I had way more treats that I usually do and than I like to admit.

To make a change in my weight I need to change some of the habits I picked up over the holiday’s. I’ve been having too much beer, I’ve let carbs sneak in a bit more and I’ve started to drink a bit more coffee (with heavy cream). I started eating some “keto friendly” desserts. None of these things are going to get me closer to my 2019 goal.

So, in the interest of accountability and in order to share more of my story with you I’m going to give you weekly updates on my progress as well.

The first step in this goal for 2019 is to consume less than 20 grams of carbohydrates per day. This should help me get into Ketosis. I’m not sure how long it will take me to get into Ketosis since I’ve never measured my ketones. That’s the first part of my goal, I want to be able to measure at least .5 ketones produced by my body by February 28th. I’m going to start with the ketone urine test strips.

Once I can prove to myself that my body is producing ketones then I’m going to get the blood testing strips since they are more accurate.

The next component is to track carbs. I mentioned that I’m going to stay below 20 grams of carbs per day, and typically I just estimate, but if I’m going to reach my goal this year I think I need to be a bit more strict. I’m using an app called CarbManager. I like the interface and so far it seems to have a pretty extensive and accurate database.

Last, but not least, I’m going to start incorporating some moderate exercise. This is part of the plan not in order to burn calories, but because according to my research, exercise helps increase insulin sensitivity. I am concerned that I do have some insulin resistance. I haven’t had any medical tests to prove that yet, but I think I may invest in one soon.

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So, I’m going to measure carbs, ketones, limit alcohol and start exercising regularly this year in order to reach my ideal weight, my ambitious 2019 goal.

I hope you’ll join me by setting a big goal as well this year. It feels scary and exciting all at the same time. I’d love it if you’d share your resolution or goal(s) for 2019 in the comments section!

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