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May 19, 2019Miranda

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I recently learned a new concept. The concept isn’t new and I know that I’ve heard it before, but it was explained in a way this time that really stood out. The information has sunk in and I’m starting to apply the theory to my life with good results. So today, I’m going to teach it to you in a way that might really impact YOU. So that you can begin to change your life and your results to be what you want them to be.

I’ve heard it called “using an Alter Ego” and I think this term is a great way to describe the method. Another way of method of implementing this technique is that you practice becoming who you want to be in the future. So you are becoming your future self.

The Future Self method is that you imagine that you have already become the person you want to be in a specific area of your life. For me this would be a healthier, thinner version of myself. Imagining how you might feel, what things you would do and what you might look like in the future when you accomplish your goal will help you to achieve this. For example, the healthier version of myself likes to exercise regularly by taking walks or working out with exercise videos. So since my future self does these things since she wants to be a stronger, healthier person I will start doing them now. Same thing goes for the way I dress. The version of myself that is at her ideal weight wears skinny jeans and fashionable, well fitting clothing. So in order to become that version of myself I need to start wearing clothes that fit me well instead of the old clothes that are a size or two too small.

The second method, creating an Alter Ego, is best described as imagining someone (possibly someone you actually know) who behaves like you would like to behave. Imagine someone you view as physically fit, who eats in what you view as a healthy way. When presented with an entire menu at a restaurant, you would imagine that you are that person. Which option would they pick? Imagine when you wake up each morning that you planned to work out that you are an Olympic athlete. Does an Olympian give it their all, or do they stay in bed until the time they had allotted for exercise that morning is gone?

I have started to use the method of imagining my future self. I find it more natural than pretending to be someone that I’m not by creating an Alter Ego. Which isn’t to say that I don’t think the Alter Ego method works, I like the idea of it a lot. And I certainly think it’s a great tool, I just need to do the work to find good examples for the areas in my life that I would like to see change. I have considered using celebrities rather than people I know in real life and put on their persona – just in that one area of health.

Please drop a line in the comment box to let me know if you find this information helpful or if you would like to hear more about creating an Alter Ego or about becoming your future self.

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