Just Like THAT She’s 4 Years Old

April 7, 2019Miranda

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Our daughter’s fourth birthday was last weekend. It was bittersweet.

She’s smart, silly, strong, kind, affectionate, funny and she loves animals. As any typical three/four year old, she has her moments – tantrums, negotiating for later bedtimes, wheeling and dealing for candy, etc. But all in all, she’s a great kid and she is teaching us to be better parents every day.

I’ve heard it said, that the “days go by slowly but the years fly”. We find this to be so true and are trying to appreciate the small moments of our days with this sweet girl who seems to be growing so quickly. I know I’ll cry when she goes to “big girl school.”

Since she loves animals so much and has for years, I’ve been wanting to throw her a farm animal birthday party, including ponies to ride during said party. Last year my husband vetoed the idea stating that she was too young. But this year, this year it was going to HAPPEN! The horses were SO sweet and gentle too.

I’ve been busy lining up the ponies (we decided not to do the other animals, just ponies), ordering the cake and other supplies. Planning the menu was easy this time but I always worry last minute that we won’t have enough food (we always do). I also tend to let these events stress me out, they exhaust me to be completely honest, but I love having them.

We decided to go with a unicorn theme this year, since that’s what my daughter wanted, and since the pony rides were a surprise. I also decided not to bake the cake myself this time as I had in years past, to take some of the stress off of myself. This was an excellent decision – the cake was delicious and so, so pretty!

Side note: we usually use our wedding knife set to cut the cake at family celebrations, it makes things a bit more special and we get one more use out of that set.

Just look at this happy face, the kids had SUCH a good time:

She had a birthday party that she will remember for a long, long time.

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