Let’s See What the Damage Is…

October 7, 2018Miranda

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Last week we returned from our annual family vacation to Albuquerque, New Mexico. The weather was fantastic (I’ll take dry heat over Louisiana humidity any day) and the company was even better!

We all had a blast!

Pic1 - Let's See What the Damage Is

Before I left I told ya’ll that I wasn’t quite sure how or if my protocol would change while I was out of town. Read more about that here.

As we all know, it can be super challenging to follow your protocol while on vacation, but it is POSSIBLE. I found the first day really hard. You guys are probably thinking… Really?! You broke protocol on the first day? Yes, I did, but I had already planned to allow for a couple of joy eats that day.

I planned to have my coffee with butter and whipping cream in the morning. But flight cancellations and a change in departure airport to a different city, so that we could leave the same day we initially planned, turned my protocol plans totally upside down.

I didn’t get my butter coffee in the morning as I usually do. Neither did I get my New Mexican style food for lunch (complete with Sopapilla). I was on a plane at lunch time – so I had a Biscoff cookie.

I LOOOVE Biscoff cookies – with coffee of course.

As the flight attendant came down the aisle offering either “pretzels or cookies” I felt the urge to request cookies… and answered.

That one little “cookies please” to the flight attendant set off a chain of answered urges. From that point on I planned to make vacation an “exception” to my protocol. However, I did make an effort to make sure that there were more vegetables on my plate than bread at every meal.

Considering what and how I have eaten in the past on these trips, I did really well. I am proud of the good choices that I DID make.

Pic2 - Let's See What the Damage Is

We went on two hikes while we were there (the pictures I took are spread throughout this post). I did manage to resist urges to just nibble on desserts sitting around on the counter – most of the time…

I am proud that I came back home and immediately when back on protocol even though it has been a little difficult getting back into my routine again.

I have little doubt that the three to four pounds I gained on vacation will come off easily. The focus for me will be getting into the habit of feeling urges and not answering them again. I created strength in urges when I answered them.

The more you answer urges the more they come up.

For the next week or more I’m going to really work hard on reviving those good habits that are creating the result I want.

By the way, I got lots of compliments while visiting family. I have lost a lot of weight since I was there last year and apparently it shows.

Pic3 - Let's See What the Damage Is

I am excited to see what progress I can make by next years’ trip!

Can you tell me about a time you went on vacation and lost weight? What did you do to create that outcome? I’d love to read all about it in the comments section!

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