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March 31, 2019Miranda

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Two weekends ago my husband and I went away (without our daughter) for a retreat with friends. It was the perfect weather to have a fire in the evenings. During the day on Saturday we cuddled up to watch videos and share ideas on how to build better marriages for ourselves and our spouses. We spent good, quality time with each other and our friends.

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

The only bad thing about the weekend was how much I ate.

There was a lot of food and snacks laying around. Normally I can resist those things, but I had been allowing a bit more carbs than usual into my diet and I stretched myself a bit more that weekend. We also did a bit of drinking in the evenings and that didn’t help things either.

The struggle since that weekend is to forgive myself for the mistake, to correct my thinking and to break free of the sugar cravings.

Step One: Admit that I messed up. I screwed up. BIG. TIME. I ate too much, too frequently, and worst of all – most of the time I wasn’t even hungry. The remnants of that mistake have been dragging along and now it’s time to end the cycle!

Step Two: Forgive myself for the mistake. I’m human, so I am going to make mistakes. This is not irreversible, it’s not the end of the world, or even the ruin of my weight goal for the year. If I get back on track right now, I can still make my goal. I factored in some mistakes when I set the goal early in the year because I know these things happen.

Step Three: Start with small changes to get back into good habits. I started tracking carbs again this week which will give me a better idea of where I stand at the end of each day. I’m not going for the 20 grams like I have before, I’m just trying to keep it under 50 grams of carbs per day. Fifty grams per day usually allows me to remain weight stable and sometimes I even lose weight with that number.

Step Four: Begin fasting again once I can get sugar cravings and hunger signals under control again. Recently I’ve been getting hungry, and I mean really hungry, in the mornings. It’s so distracting that I can’t ignore the hunger.

Step Six: Track glucose and ketone numbers again. I know there will be a lot of untamed thoughts if I test my blood glucose and ketone numbers and the readings are higher than I’d like. So I’m going to avoid those negative emotions for now and once I can get back into good, low carb habits I will start tracking those numbers again.

Approaching this need to get “back on track” like a ladder will help me see the ultimate goal (weight loss).

Anyone else need to get either carbs back under control right now?

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