Self Sabotage

July 7, 2019Miranda

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Lately I’ve felt like my own worst enemy.

It’s not Keto’s fault.

It’s my fault.

I eat off of my plan.

I use excuses that aren’t really valid.

I’ve been eating way too many carbs lately.

It really started with vacation in May. I gave myself the excuse that it was vacation and I needed to relax, deserved to treat myself more than usual and that I would easily lose everything I had gained when I got home.

But I haven’t really gotten back on track, I did a little bit, but then gained that back and more. So now the struggle it to recognize the thoughts that have gotten me here. They are keeping me stuck and sabotaging my progress. I’m doing this to myself with my choices. I am capable of so much more than what I’ve done so far.

I will have to become uncomfortable to move forward toward my goal but I can do it. I am going to finish this race no matter how long it takes. I’m prolonging my own struggle to achieve this goal.

But here’s the thing… I’ve viewing this as “a struggle”, “prolonged struggle”, “sabotage”, etc. I’m recognizing it now as I write, that the idea that this is a struggle is going to create certain behaviors because of the way this thought makes me feel. These actions will bring the result that the journey is a struggle, that it’s hard. When you believe it’s hard, it will be. When you believe that it’s a struggle, it will be.

Photo by Katrina on Unsplash

I want to believe that this journey is fun. That I’ve learned a lot about myself and how our minds and body work.

I want to believe that I am capable of losing the weight I want to lose, of being the person I want to be.

I want to believe that I am strong and healthy.

These beliefs will bring me the results that I want, just by REALLY believing them.

What do you want to believe about yourself?

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