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February 9, 2019Miranda

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Another update this week on my stats. Ya’ll are probably going to get tired of hearing about my glucose and ketone numbers, because I’ll admit that I’m a bit obsessed at the moment. I’m an accountant by trade so I like numbers. I like statistics even more.

Lately I’ve gone deep down the rabbit hole, learning about glucose, insulin, Ketosis, biohacking… I even watched a YouTube video recently where the interview mostly consisted of information on Mitochondria. I took a couple of biology courses in college, but this discussion went way over my head. I don’t even know why I kept listening, except that I was understanding bits a pieces here and there, and I found it SO interesting.

I am geeking out on this science stuff.

However I’m far from being able to teach much of it to you all just yet. I’ll just say that insulin is way more important to our bodies than just being a blood glucose regulator. It affects lots of other hormones including Estrogen and Testosterone. It’s such an important hormone and what we eat (or don’t eat) really does drive our insulin levels.

I find it incredible that people (without Type 1 Diabetes) can control our insulin levels so much. And insulin affects our weight loss, or gain. We are so more in control of how much fat our body stores than I could even imagine until recently.

This is all the more reason to not feel a victim. We have so much ability to change our future bodies, despite what they look like now or how poorly we’ve treated these wonderful, delicate machines God gave us to inhabit.

People have reversed their Type 2 Diabetes, improved symptoms of arthritis, brain seizures and mood disorders. All by changing what they ate, eating less inflammatory foods (read: sugar & other carbohydrates). They are feeling better and living a fuller happier life. Many say they don’t miss the foods, life is so much better now that they would never go back to a high carb diet again.

I feel incredibly better since starting a Ketogenic diet. Now, I do have slips once in a while, as you will see below in my chart. None of us are perfect, but I won’t go back to the high carb diet I was eating last year either.

As you can see I have added a column called the Dr. Boz Ratio. It’s a number you get from dividing the Glucose reading by the Ketones. Anything under 80 means weight loss, 40 or under means weight loss and possible Autophagy (I will dive into that topic in another post) and 20 or lower is pretty definite Autophagy. I learned about Autophagy from one of my Keto teachers Dr. Annette Bosworth.

Without further delay, here is the data from the last week. You will also notice, I have been testing multiple times a day to see what my body is doing under various conditions. For me, Ketones are higher in the afternoon/evening. I haven’t been able to research quite why this is, but the numbers are good so I’m not complaining.

TDateTimeGlucoseKetonesDr. Boz RatioWeight (Lbs.)
1.27.198:00 AM860.6143139
1.28.197:30 AM800.5160139.4
1.29.195:20 AM960.6160137.4
1.30.195:20 AM860.3287137.8
1.30.1911:54 AM831.083N/A
1.31.195:37 AM800.6133137.2
2.1.195:32 AM700.6117138
2.2.196:35 AM710.979136.8
2.3.196:53 AM830.5166137.2
2.3.1911:40 AM731.261
2.4.1912:05 PM741.262138.2
2.4.196:20 PM721.840
2.5.1912:30 PM632.229136.6
2.5.196:30 PM741.357
2.6.186:53 AM650.6108138.2
2.6.186:30 PM1050.2525141.2
2.7.196:49 AM820.6137

The morning numbers are taken in a fasted state of at least 10.5 hours. The noon numbers are fasted as well, but I’ve usually had a bit of coffee with HWC (heavy whipping cream) and sweet n’ low.

You will notice a very high (for me) evening glucose reading with a correspondingly low ketone reading on 2.6.18. I had a piece of King Cake that afternoon and I had kicked myself out of Ketosis. But, the next morning I was back into the grove with a pretty decent glucose and ketone reading, considering the heavy sugar dose I had given myself the day before.

EmilyClair1824 on

King Cake in southern Louisiana is a yearly tradition and huge temptation for me. I’m going to try to behave myself for the rest of Mardi Gras season. Unless I can get my hands on a piece of Keto King Cake… A local bakery makes some but every time I go they are sold out. One day!! Or I’ll have to make one myself I guess. 🙂


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