• You Need a New Thought

    August 25, 2019mruckstuhl

    I woke up this morning having gained another pound. I’m up to 148.0 as of this morning. That’s 9 pounds higher than my all time lowest weight of 139.0. While I was discouraged I’m not at all surprised. You see, I gave up a little last night. I had waffles (low carb), even though I…

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  • Excuses Are Like Opinions, Everybody’s Got One

    January 27, 2019mruckstuhl

    I’m going to lay some truth on you guys today. I’m struggling lately to get back into Ketosis. Every day brings a battle with my brain. It keeps coming up with reasons to indulge in a carbohydrate heavy food. So Monday, after having some french fries at lunch, I sat down a evaluated my thoughts…

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  • I Had a “Little Quit” Today

    November 18, 2018mruckstuhl

    The first time I heard this term “little quit” I thought it was silly. I mean you either quit or you don’t. But after thinking and hearing more about this “little quit” thing, the more I’m convinced that all of the little quits are what kept me stuck at an unhealthy weight for far too…

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