Three Reasons Why Not To Be Afraid Of Halloween

October 28, 2018Miranda

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As someone who has as major sweet tooth and who has been trying to lose weight or keep my weight down, for the last few years Halloween has been a pretty scary time.

Everyone has their candy jars full of the good stuff – chocolate.


                      Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

That is a challenge by itself for many people, but I had managed to handle that aspect pretty well. Until we had our daughter, that was were the scary part for me each year began… As many parents do, in past years, I had a habit of eating any candy that my child doesn’t like. Conveniently for me, my daughter didn’t like any chocolate. Muuuhahahaaaa!!


                       Photo by Fabian Oelkers on Unsplash

Halloween usually meant at least a few more pounds on the scale for a few weeks. And then it was hard to get rid of the sweet tooth. It’s like Halloween would carry over a bit into Thanksgiving and then the sweet tooth would hang out until several weeks after Christmas, when the junk around the house was finally gone (eaten – by me).

This year I have three strategies that I will be using to avoid a binge on Halloween candy:

  1.  I’m going to bring my daughter trick or treating as usual but this time I’m going to have different thoughts about it. If she doesn’t want a candy, not eating myself is “not wasteful”. “Candy does not help me become my best self.” “Candy actually hurts my stomach sometimes and I don’t feel very good afterward.” “Eating this candy will not help me feel proud of my choices today.” All of these thoughts are believable, they are all true. Eating candy, after being off of flour and sugar all these months, actually makes my heart race a little and sometimes hurst my stomach.
  2. I’m going to plan my joy eat for the week on Halloween night. I’m going to eat the candy that night after everything has quieted down for the night and I can sit and really enjoy it. I will mindfully eat a few pieces of candy. I can then pay close attention to how it makes my body feel and how it tastes. As for the rest…
  3. I will let my daughter keep a small bag of candy, the rest will go to work with my husband or myself. She will only be allowed to keep candy that I know she will eat – her favorites.

I want to keep the downward spiral of poor food choices from starting this Halloween.


                             Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash

Getting rid of sweet cravings would be ideal for me. I love salty foods too but my desire for candy and cookies has always been stronger. I’m currently researching methods people use to reduce or eliminate these cravings. Until then I’m just going to be someone who has cravings and urges to eat sweets. An craving can’t kill you, it’s just uncomfortable.

I don’t usually dress up for Halloween, but my husband enjoys it. My daughter has decided to be Owlette from PJ Masks this year. Here is a pic of her in her costume:

She loves being a superhero!

I hope these strategies work for some of you and help Halloween be less scary!

I’d also love you hear your game plans for avoiding the sweet stuff, whether it’s at a party, at work or at home.


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